Business Litigation

Business Litigation


In the lifespan of any business, a company, its owners, both can find themselves in a position to have to defend a lawsuit filed against one or the other or both, or having to file a lawsuit in order to protect its business interests or reputation.  We at AKTAS | HINDEN have a very clear approach to civil litigation – we will engage, if need be, through jury trial.  If our company client has found itself in a litigation dispute, AKTAS | HINDEN is on their side with a team approach of thorough review of all evidence and laser-focus on strategy, unafraid of the possibility of presenting our client’s case to a jury.  Our litigation section is well-versed in civil litigation and procedure, in particular, business litigation.  In litigation, whether your business is the plaintiff seeking recourse for being wronged or the defendant that is defending itself from another that is claiming liability, we want to fight on your side.

“Very professional, personable, honest and understanding. My case was handled without my presence and with excellent results. I am more then satisfied with this lawyer and law firm and will be the first one I would call if I am ever in need of legal advise or services.”

Very professional, personable, honest and understanding... - JAMES, A CLIENT

“Seda is truly exceptional. Not only is she professional and smart, she is compassionate and caring. Our family hired her long distance and she always stayed in touch, answered all emails and returned phone calls. She is honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend her to anyone..."

Seda is truly exceptional - TRACEY, A CLIENT

“…From the very first meeting we were impressed with her knowledge, compassion and dedication. Our first impression proved to be right over almost a year that had passed since the arrest. Despite numerous obstacles, court mistakes and a strict difficult judge, Ms Aktas kept fiercely fighting...”

From the very first meeting we were impressed with her knowledge... - A CRIMINAL DEFENSE CLIENT